Shirley was an honorable mention in the Canadian Geographic 2012 Wildlife Photography of the Year contest, and was published in the Canadian Geographic Special Collectors Edition magazine "Best Wildlife Photography 2014". She was also published in Photo News magazine several times.
In 2014 she was the photographer for the Artistic Gymnastics at the Alberta Winter Games. She also displayed photos in the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase Gallery for three years. In May 2015 her photos were featured on CTV News regarding the attempt to rescue Fox kits in Waterton Lakes National Park.

"Calgary, Alberta, Canada has been my home most of my life, and I've had a passion for nature photography and travel for as long as I can remember. 

I see the world differently because of photography. In today's busy society it's difficult to remember to stop and admire the world around us. I want my photography to capture the land, moments, and beauty that many people may miss so they can enjoy them as well.

For me photography is like meditating. I'm so involved in the moment I'm trying to capture that I often don't notice the cold, rain, or heat that I may be exposed to at the time. On one occasion I didn't realize it was hailing until I was finished taking the photos! If I take a tumble my camera is the first thing I protect. I'm confident I'll recover from the resulting scrapes and bruises but certain my camera won't!

I have a great patience and respect for nature, which certainly helps when photographing it. Many animals often display human expressions and social structures, and I love to capture those moments. I enjoy photographing close portraits of animals since many people may never get to see the texture of bear fur, the cute face of Pikas, or the scale-type feathers of a hummingbird's throat. 

As well, travelling the world has given me great photographic opportunties and skills. I've travelled to the historical lands of Egypt and Europe, the vast savannahs and rivers of east and central Africa, thick jungles of the Amazon, and the birth place of the theory of evolution; The Galapagos Islands.

This planet offers great beauty: from vast landscapes to the reflections in raindrops, from the complexity and diversity of animals, to the creativity and skills of humans. 

I want to share this beauty with everyone!"